Band: Mobile-Cloud Collaborative DNN Framework

Band is a deep-learning framework supports coordinated inference on heterogeneous mobile processors and cloud server.

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Open-source Apache 2.0 Licensed. GitHub v1.0.0

Fast and flexible ⚡️

Acheives up to 5.04x throughput and 3.76x service-level-objective satisfaction rate compared to the Tensorflow Lite.

Check out our paper for more detail.


Supports C API, Java API, and Unreal Engine Plugin.

Easily connect to your Native Android or Unreal Engine applications.


Try our Android and Unreal Engine examples. Start building your own application with minimal effort!

Fully configurable

Config runtime on-the-fly. Easily customize worker settings and schedulers to suit your needs.

Device aware

Supports multiple devices with no hassle. Band automatically detects all available processors without any customization process.

Fully open-source

Fully available for your development and research. We're open to any contribution!